Business motivation: tips to boost your team!

“ Is my team motivated ? “Every good manager asks himself this question every day because his goal is to get the best from his team . The recognition of the value of each member of the sales team, their know-how , their skills but also the support and help provided by the manager are sources of sales motivation . Are there miracle solutions to succeed in motivating your troops? Whatever the company, each team is different, yes, but there are proven methods that every manager must apply to give salespeople the opportunity to work in the best possible conditions .

Give achievable objectives: an essential lever of commercial motivation

Setting detailed, motivating, achievable and planned business goals is essential for managing and motivating your sales force . Each member of your sales force must understand from which strategy derive their previously set objectives and their importance in the commercial performance of the company. Align the individual objectives of your team with those of the company in order to create a real commercial challenge with interesting stakes for the sales representatives .

This challenge very easily becomes a significant source of commercial motivation and involvement on the part of your sales force. To maximize their chances of achieving goals, it is essential for managers to gain buy-in from the whole team and create some cooperation and mutual aid . This emulation between team members is always beneficial for individual performance. By providing the means to achieve commercial objectives, you help employees develop their skills to develop professionally, gain autonomy and efficiency .

Be a good manager to boost sales motivation

Know that the attitude of a manager has a strong influence on the motivation of a sales team. Indeed, you must take the time to get to know each of the members of your team and to support them daily in their work . Support in achieving objectives and recognition from the manager are generally expected from salespeople. It is your role to provide support and support your employees while working with them to find their areas of progress to help them develop professionally internally.

This is one of the most important motivational criteria mentioned by salespeople: recognition of their efforts . This directly impacts their perception of their work and strengthens cohesion within the team. A good manager also knows what he is talking about and does not rest on just seeing performance gaps or problems. You have to constantly seek solutions, make decisions and apply them to avoid finding yourself with a demotivated team. To achieve this, stay tuned, manage conflict situations and be responsive to difficult situations . You must also be dynamic and convincing.

Provide your sales reps with effective digital tools: the sales dashboard

What a salesperson is above all looking for is support but also a certain autonomy. Using a reliable and efficient digital tool, you can follow their sales performance and support them without being too present. The geographic commercial dashboard is an excellent management tool that will both empower your employees and help them take initiatives. By using the dashboard, you facilitate and improve their daily performance thanks to its many features. It is more interesting for a salesperson to manage their objectives independently, to apply their methods and to visualize their results. He can then see his performance gapsand find solutions to reduce them. Let your teams manage their goals while keeping an eye on their results from a distance.

Business motivation: tips to boost your team!
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