How to choose a stroller for your baby? What are the best models?

How to choose a stroller for your baby? What are the best models?

The arrival of a baby in the family involves making many decisions, especially if it is the first. The car seat playard with bassinet, the baby carriage, the crib, all the hygiene and toilet products. In the case of the car, choosing is not an easy task, as it is one of the most widely used products, so objective and practical criteria must be used. The safety and comfort of the baby should always come first over issues such as budget, although everyone knows that this is a limiting factor.

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Car with two pieces or with three?

The baby carriage can be made up of two or three pieces. The hammock is anchored to the chassis and acts as a stroller playpen with removable bassinet. From there you can continue adding pieces to make a car with two or three elements.

The three-piece chair incorporates the hammock itself, the carrycot and the baby carrier. These last two elements can be used from birth. In many cases, the baby carrier includes bases with an Isofix system to leave it anchored in the car. In any case, it is advisable that the baby does not stay more than two hours at a time in this seat, because the development of his back may be affected.

If is about a stroller with two pieces, the difference is that instead of using a carrycot and a baby carrier, what appears is a mixed piece of both: a carrycot with positions and a recliner.

Trolley with three wheels or with four?

This is another great question that many parents ask. The three-wheeled cart is best suited for uneven terrain, high sidewalks, and more unstable surfaces. In addition, it presents a more sporty and youthful aesthetic.

If you opt for a car with four wheels it is because you usually travel comfortable urban spaces without major irregularities. The decision will depend on the comfort when moving it and on accessory issues, such as the elements that can be anchored in the car or even the aesthetics of the stroller itself.

Be that as it may, the best strollers for babies are a guarantee of quality. This portal offers safe and comfortable strollers. If you are looking to buy a stroller for your baby, it is recommended, as they are specialists in the sector.

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How is the cart folded?

Baby carriages are foldable, like almost everything that concerns the little ones. You must bear in mind that this element must be moved in the vehicle, so that its size must be reduced as much as possible. There are different types of folding: the umbrella type and the book type are the most common.

The choice will largely depend on the space available in the trunk. Some trolleys also include a handle to carry the folded stroller, others allow it to stand upright when folded, for easy storage. Finally, it is important to know if the folding includes the hammock or not, although the usual thing is to disassemble the hammock and then fold the cart.

How to choose a stroller for your baby? What are the best models?
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